Vendor Review: Paragon Adventures


St. George is an amazingly beautiful place that hosts a wide range of natural features and sights. You can enjoy just about any outdoor activity and sport imaginable there, from biking and climbing to canyoneering and zip lining. Veteran adventurers will probably be comfortable heading off on their own and exploring the area, but those who aren’t familiar with navigating the outdoors in St. George will feel more comfortable with a guide. Having a trustworthy and knowledgeable person come along on your trip will help you make the most of your excursion, and one of the best guide services in the area is Paragon Adventures. Read more ›

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Restaurant Review: Irmita’s Mexican Grill


St. George is a beautiful gem in southwest Utah that has abundant natural sights, the opportunity for outdoor excursions, a performing arts and theater scene, and some wonderful restaurants. The latter is one of the most surprising things about the city — you’ll find just about any type of cuisine that you can think of. While Utah may not seem like it would have good Mexican food, it definitely does. One must-try eatery is Irmita’s, which not only serves up delicious food but is also a popular local hangout spot. Read more ›

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Advanced Hike – Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon Trail in Zion National Park

Each year, scores of visitors flock to the St. George area and quickly learn why Zion National Park is one of the most majestic sights in the country. It’s a haven for outdoor adventurers, and you can enjoy a wealth of activities there. Zion National Park also provides a setting that takes hiking to new levels, regardless of how much experience you have. Those who are well seasoned hikers looking for a challenge and incredible scenery should look into taking a trek through Hidden Canyon. Read more ›

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Hunchback of Notre Dame at Tuacahn


Victor Hugo’s famous French Gothic novel – The Hunchback of Notre Dame – was first published in 1831, and has since become a classic tale. When Disney adapted the book into a feature length animated film in 1996, the story’s popularity soared to new heights. Major theater productions soon followed, which brought the epic story to an even wider audience. If you’re interested in engrossing fiction with thought provoking themes and plenty of heartwarming moments, you’re sure to enjoy watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame live on stage. This summer and fall, Utah’s Tuacahn Amphitheater will feature The Hunchback of Notre Dame on stage. If you’ve only viewed the animated movie or haven’t read Hugo’s novel, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the many intriguing themes contained within the stage version. Read more ›

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Vendor Review: Bicycles Unlimited


Southern Utah attracts so many visitors each year largely due to its stunning landscape and natural formations. One way to take in the sights in and around St. George is to go on a biking excursion. Of course, doing so presents a logistical problem: how do you bring your mountain bike along on vacation? The best solution is to forgo bringing your personal gear and rent a bike. Bicycles Unlimited is one place where you can not only get a high quality bike for all of your outdoor adventures, but friendly service and advice as well. Read more ›

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