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St. George has a wealth of amazing outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. From backpacking to canyoneering to horseback riding, exploring the natural beauty of the area is an experience like no other. When it comes to hiking, the region around Zion Canyon is especially popular, as there’s an abundance of trails for explorers of all experience levels. If you’re an advanced hiker looking for a challenge, Deertrap Mountain will provide the views and thrills that you’re looking for.


Deertrap Mountain is located at the eastern rim of Zion Canyon, and it isn’t actually a true mountain but part of a large plateau. It provides a prime spot to catch incredible views, and there are two main routes that you can take: the East Rim trailhead or Weeping Rock trailhead. The latter is more scenic but is also a more strenuous hike. Though the trail is wide in most areas, there are some long drop offs and wet and icy weather make the trail a significantly more difficult trek.

Taking on a round trip hike on Deertrap Mountain is best for those who are confident hikers with plenty of experience — you’ll travel nearly 20 miles altogether and the ascent is about 1,170 feet. In the last two miles of the trail you’ll face a very steep downhill descent, so be sure to wear shoes with excellent traction. Comfort will also be key when it comes to choosing hiking boots or shoes, as it takes an average of 10 hours to complete the hike. Some opt to go backpacking on Deertrap Mountain instead of trying to hike there and back within one day, but if you want to make it a day trip you’d do well to head out early in the morning.

If you plan to camp you’ll need an overnight permit, but no permit is needed if you’re hiking on a day trip. From April to October, it’s possible to catch the Zion Canyon Shuttle back to the parking areas near Canyon Junction or the Visitor Center. However, from November to March the shuttle doesn’t run — keep that in mind when deciding on where to park. Restrooms are located both at the trailhead and near Weeping Rock parking lot where the trail ends. No matter what season you decide to visit you’ll have a fantastic time, and access to the trail is open year round. For an unforgettable hike that’s challenging but also very rewarding, make plans to venture through Deertrap Mountain.

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