Easy Hike at Zion’s: Grotto Trail

Zion National Park has something for everyone: biking, hiking, birding, you name it. Many visitors are avid hikers with experience and a desire to live on the wild side. However, there are also many visitors who are just interested in seeing the spectacle that is Zion’s and don’t feel the need to explore. If you have a few of these kinds of visitors in your family, consider the easy yet beautiful hike called Grotto Trail.

The Grotto Trail is a connector train between the Grotto picnic area and Zion Lodge. At only .6 miles one-way, many people might ignore this trail or take it without appreciating what it has to offer. The Grotto Trail is more than meets the eye. From the trail, hikers and walkers can take in the spectacular canyon without worrying about slipping or falling. If you reach Zion Lodge and want to continue, cross the river, explore the Emerald Pools, then follow the Kayenta trail back to the Grotto Picnic Area. The trail also provides easy access to the park’s amenities found at Zion Lodge, a great place to get a bit to eat, refill water bottles, and rest. It is also easily accessible by car or shuttle – just park in the lot closest to the picnic area. (see map). Ultimately, the Grotto Trail is an easy loop that the entire family (old and young) can enjoy.

image via www.blacktomato.com

image via www.blacktomato.com


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