Hike to Dixie Rock

Heading outdoors is one of the best ways to unwind. If you want to recenter yourself, enjoy a peaceful moment, or you simply want to recharge with new scenery, few things beat a good hike. In St. George, Utah Dixie Rock is the perfect place to explore – it’s been a favorite of outdoor adventurers for years.


Dixie Rock is located within the expansive 52-acre Pioneer Park, which is prominently located on Red Hills Parkway. “Dixie Rock” is a relatively new name for the iconic sight but is fitting considering that the word “Dixie” is painted in huge letters on its side. The formation has also been referred to as the Sugarloaf due to its shape and the fact that it resembles an old-time brick of sugar. Names aside, the 360 degree view at Dixie Rock is absolutely stunning. From the huge red sandstone cliffs you can see the city below, and not many places provide such an amazing view of downtown St. George. You’ll also see some of the natural beauty within Zion National Park, parts of Arizona, White Dome, and rare species of wildlife.

The Dixie Rock trails lead to a number of fun gems including Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, a Boy Scout Cave, slot canyons, and a historic pioneer cabin. You could easily spend the better part of a day hiking and exploring the area, and for the most part the trails are easy enough for novices and children. Be sure to wear hiking boots or shoes with good traction as some trails involve a small amount of scrambling.

Dixie Rock provides awesome views any time of day, but being there close to sunrise or sunset is breathtaking — the way that the light casts itself on all of the area’s formations makes the views picture perfect. To de-stress and experience the beauty of St. George in a new way, take a break and go hiking at Dixie Rock.

Weston Sill

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