Restaurant Review: The Crepery

One of the best surprises awaiting visitors to St. George is a huge variety of excellent eateries and restaurants. It’s amazing that the town has so much to offer, you can find anything! St. George even hosts a chic French inspired cafe called The Crepery. Fans of modern boutique restaurants and great cups of coffee should definitely make this a stop on the itinerary.

The interior of The Crepery boasts a casual, laid back setting with plenty of style and a friendly vibe. The art on the walls in interesting, but what’s impressive is how design informs every aspect of the eatery, including the food. For a small coffee house, The Crepery really puts a lot of effort into make its menu shine.

As the restaurant’s name denotes crepes are the star here, and there’s a lot of creative options to choose from. Fans of classic combos will like the Jersey Diner, which contains cheddar, sausage, and egg. The more innovative Cassanova has tomatoes, Asiago, spinach, artichokes, and skhug, while the Pepe Le Pesto is a mix of Parmesan, pesto, roasted red peppers, and smoked turkey. Along with its savory selections, The Crepery has sweet varieties that provide a perfect treat or dessert. The decadent Pin-Up is filled with strawberries, chocolate, and cheesecake filling, and the Inigo Montoya will be a hit if you like caramel; it has cajeta, walnuts, bananas, and house made whipped cream.

To go along with the cafe’s crepes, the menu also has satisfying salads filled with healthful ingredients and tasty dressings. One called the Dulcinea is a sweet and savory buffet of pine nuts, feta cheese, strawberries, and poppy seed dressing atop a bed of spinach. The drink menu has a nice range of offerings aside from coffee, although the espresso and lattes served here are superb. You’ll also find fresh lemonade, juices, steamers, Italian sodas, and hot chocolate with swirls of Nutella.

What makes eating at The Crepery a fun experience isn’t just the great food, but the staff as well. They’re knowledgeable about the menu and the service they provide is wonderful. Whether you want a spot to grab a quick lunch, you like gourmet coffee, or you’re looking for a sweet snack, head to The Crepery the next time you’re in St. George.

Weston Sill

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