River Rafting at Zion

Zion National Park is one of the most visited and iconic sites in the country, and it’s a stop that’s a must-see for many visitors to the St. George, Utah area. It’s possible to experience a wealth of outdoor activities at the park, including climbing, hiking, camping, canyoneering, backpacking, and horseback riding. River rafting is another unique experience that is made all the more incredible by the majestic natural features, plants, and animals that surround Zion National Park. If you’d like to go river rafting on your next visit there, there are several things you should keep in mind to make your adventure fun and memorable.

You’ll need to obtain a wilderness permit for your whitewater raft from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. Permits are free, and the desk is open from 8am to at least 5pm year round. Bring your safety vests and flotation devices when you go to get your permit. It’s best to get permits the day before you go rafting, but you can do so the day of as well. Should you choose to go rafting with a tour guide or company, they’ll likely take care of getting permits for you.

The rivers that run near Zion National Park are very powerful at certain spots and it’s not advisable that you attempt to raft there alone if you’re a complete novice. The clothing that you wear will determine how comfortable you are on your rafting trip, so be sure to plan for the season. A wet suit is ideal between March and May, and in early spring and late fall a wool sweater will serve you well. The water is less cool in the summertime, so you can wear a swimsuit, shorts, or tank top then and be fine.

Some of the excellent rafting tour guides that take guests to Zion National Park include Always Rafting & Kayaking and Zion Ponderosa Ranch. If you’ve never been rafting or to Zion National Park before, taking a guided tour is a good idea. Not only will it help you feel more safe and confident navigating the waters, you’ll get more out of your time in the park and have an experienced person around to help you learn more about the area’s natural and cultural history. To experience the beauty and wonder of Zion National Park in a fascinating way, go river rafting on your next visit.

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